EMREINTEENVIRONNEMENTALEPIL’HERBE ROUGE places ethics and sustainable development as a central concern of its business strategy. We have developed a strong expertise in eco-design, eco-production and eco-distribution.

L’Herbe Rouge offers a diverse cloakroom (shirts, sweaters, trousers, jackets …) Products for Men and Women.

This induces the implementation of many sectors, many processes of design and manufacturing (from raw material to the yarn,from the yarn to the manufacture of fabrics, from the dyeing to final garment, from transport to the shop, from the sale to the end of life of the product.

We follow each step the best social and environmental practices. All selected materials are the most environmentally friendly.

The materials are then transformed close to sources of raw materials following our manufacturing and eco-ethical guide: GOTS, biodegradable, non-toxic, energy saving, water saving, waste saving, water recycling, SA 8000, Fair trade… L’Herbe Rouge favors a short chain (France and EU) for its supplies of organic linen, recycled materials, organic wool, fibers from wood, for better traceability, quality and innovation. For cotton representing 30% of the consumption of textil fibers and grows only in warm weather, we opted for a unirrigated Biological Francophone Africa.


About eco-design, we work ergonomic fit and adapt to different heights (small, large, handicaps …). Some clothes are convertible or reversible and therefore can be used for many purposes (2 products in 1). Our products preserve health: non-toxic dyes and materials, anti-bacterial, anti-UV. We create timeless products with reinforced stitching and durable materials, sold in several seasons and that reduce material consumption and obsolescence.



We deliver our clients by solidarity workshops (ESS). Packaging is reduced and road transport is prefered. We also recommend washing at 30 ° of products in order to save energy.